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CEILIDH - CANCELLED - Covid-19 Guidance Update 

Dear friends,

It is with sadness and regret that the ceilidh planned for this Friday evening as part of our 'Real Life Stories' weekend is cancelled.

This decision has been taken with due regard to an update in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance produced by the national Church of England (who say on their website that "all guidance will continue to reflect Public Health advice").  The update specifically references suspending physical contact, such as hand shaking, in the public life of the church.  This update was published on Tuesday evening, and the Archbishops of Canterbury and York confirmed it in a letter to the clergy.  The Diocese of Leicester yesterday endorsed the national church guidance.

Having consulted with the band, they confirmed that a ceilidh without significant physical (mainly hand) contact would not be worthy of the name.  They felt unable, at this stage, to change the nature of the event.

Yesterday evening, conversations were held with event organisers and wardens/some PCC members, and I personally took up the issue with a member of the senior staff team in the diocese.  So the decision to cancel has not been taken lightly.

I - and all involved - realise this will come as a great disappointment to many - both church members and guests - and also cause inconvenience, as you have to relay this news to your guests.  We will do our bit as a church via our web/social media presence to minimise the risk of people turning up on the night, and will make arrangements to ensure anyone who is missed by that, or by your efforts, is met on the night and spoken to.

Finally, it is my sincere hope that such an event can be rekindled at some future time, once guidance eases.  Our God is sovereign over all this.  And do pray and look out for the vulnerable and fearful in these days.

Every blessing,

Martha Moger, 12/03/2020